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Company Info #1

Senior Catering seeks older, dependable employees at all of its locations, including the kitchens. Senior Catering is an ideal employment opportunity for retired individuals who are ready to go back to work and for those individuals who want to contribute to society.

Entry pay levels are just above minimum wage; however, Senior Catering offers fringe benefits for employees. Benefits include paid holidays, accrued annual and sick leave and retirement. Partially paid insurance is available for full-time employees.

To attract older workers Senior Catering offers both full-time and part-time positions. To keep good employees, job-sharing, either partial year or partial week, may be available. Due to Senior Catering's hours of operation and flexibility, many older individuals benefit from receiving Social Security benefits and employment opportunities.

Company INfo #2

Senior Catering, as an EOE agency, does not discriminate in any of its recruiting, hiring or promoting of employees. Applications are accepted at each kitchen facility.

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